Sub-project C.1

Human Rights as Reference Point of Professional Ethics for Social-Educational Practice in Migration Societies

The Project seeks to understand the importance of human rights discourse for social pedagogy in migration societies (short title of the project: SoHaMi). It aims to clarify the importance of human rights references as an ethical maxim for professional social workers, in particular in the field of youth work: To what extent and in which way do professionals in the field of youth work refer to human rights in order to justify their own decisions and actions?
The reconstructive and comparative study of orientations as well as patterns of legitimation of social workers focuses on three different areas of youth work, each in an East German and a West German city. Thus, this analysis intends to provide evidence for the expansion of human rights discourse in the everyday life of professionals in migration societies.

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Christine Wiezorek

Research Associates: Dr. Benjamin Bunk, Carl Eberhard Kraatz

Justus Liebig University Giessen