Coordination Unit

Coordination and Integration of the Projects

MeDiMi’s Coordination Unit has two main tasks. First, the Unit is responsible for the synthesis of the research findings and facilitates the theoretical work on the level of the overall project. Second, it is in charge of the administration and communication of the Research Group.

For these purposes, the Coordination Unit has its own academic and administrative staff. Regarding the theory work, its team members aim at synthesizing the results of the individual projects in order to develop a theory of humanrightization in law, politics, and everyday practice in migration societies. In so doing, they draw connections between the empirical studies of MeDiMi’s projects and provide for interdisciplinary translation. The joint theoretical work is carried out by all members of the Research Group and complemented by independent empirical and theoretical work of the postdoctoral researcher based at the Unit.

Administratively, the Coordination Unit organizes the collaborative research process of the group. Its activities include the general project administration, the coordination of internal workflows, and the planning and implementation of internal meetings and public events. The Unit is also responsible for MeDiMi’s public relations and its activities in knowledge transfer.

Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bast

Team: Dr. Laura Holderied (Postdoc), Maximilian Aigner (Scientific Officer), Pirko Wedhorn (Secretary), Hanna Müller (Student Assistant), Patrick-Sebastian Muntean (Student Assistant)

Justus Liebig University Giessen