Mónica Ávila Currás, LL.M.

Mónica Ávila Currás is a Research Associate and doctoral candidate in the MeDiMi project “Who is empowered by Strasbourg? Migrants and States before the ECtHR”. She is currently working on her PhD thesis “Joining Forces on Migration? A Systematic Analysis of European States’ Third-party Interventions before the ECtHR” at the Amsterdam Centre for Migration and Refugee Law at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). At the same time, she is teaching in the Bachelor of Law’s program at the VU. She is also the VU’s law faculty coordinator of the Migration and Diversity Center (MDC). Mónica has worked as a coordinator and as an asylum lawyer for a non-governmental organization in Spain, specializing in gender-based asylum claims. She has participated in printed and audiovisual media, as well as in conferences, governmental panels, and trainings conducted by UNHCR and NGOs. In her work, she discusses the asylum system and raises awareness of the diverse challenges faced by asylum seekers, not only in their country of origin but also in European territories. She is listed as a EUAA external expert for several roles, including “legal expert”. She considers herself an activist for women’s and LGTBIQA+ rights and for anti-racism. She studied a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Madrid (Spain) and is trained in gender violence, statistics, and project management.

Contact: m.avila.curras@vu.nl