Dr. Mina Ibrahim

Mina Ibrahim is an anthropologist and archivist from Cairo (Egypt). He is a postdoctoral researcher in the MeDiMi project “Human Rights Crimes, Norm Entrepreneurs, and the Implementation of the Principle of Universal Jurisdiction in Germany”. Mina’s work is concerned with tracing the connection between the recent trials of members of the Syrian regime in Germany, on the one hand, and the everyday understandings of justice among Syrians in general and former detainees in specific who escaped their country following the 2011 uprising, on the other hand. In June 2022, Mina completed his dissertation at the University of Giessen, and later published his first monograph “Identity, Marginalisation, Activism, and Victimhood in Egypt: Misfits in the Coptic Christian Community” (Palgrave Macmillan). In September 2018, Mina joined the MENA Prison Forum (MPF) as its Project Coordinator and later became its Program Manager. Founded as an initiative of UMAM Documentation & Research (UMAM D&R), MPF is a multidisciplinary forum addressing carceral-related dynamics both within countries in the MENA region and across the region itself. In October 2022, Mina joined the Centre for Conflict Studies at the University of Marburg. In his research, Mina is interested in linking ethnographic fieldwork with (absent) paper archives and oral history.

Kontakt: mina.ibrahim@staff.uni-marburg.de