MeDiMi Impuls / Montag, 11.12.2023, 18:00–20:00 Uhr / Marburg

Shades of Justice? Syrian Diaspora, Anti-Normalization Struggle, Lessons from Koblenz

Discussion with Tareq Alaows (ProAsyl), Monika Borgmann (UMAM Documentation & Research / MENA Prison Forum), Hannah El-Hitami (freelance journalist) and Mariana Karkoutly (Huquqyat)

Philipps University Marburg | Hörsaal Erdgeschoss | Deutschhausstr. 12, 35037 Marburg

Recording of the event:

A German courtroom is bringing justice to Syria: This is how the trials against members of the Syrian regime for crimes against humanity in Koblenz have been celebrated in the media. Indeed, under the principle of universal jurisdiction these trials led to the conviction and sentencing of two members of the Assad regime for the first time. But for many Syrians, the needs for justice and accountability go beyond sentencing individual perpetrators and beyond the courtroom. They are demanding an end to the normalizing of relations with the Assad regime, a radical change in migration policy, and spaces to negotiate the narratives of the Syrian conflict from exile. Therefore, this event aims to explore what sustainable justice for Syrians can look like, and how our current international justice and migration systems can learn from the case of Syria as one of its biggest diaspora groups in Germany regarded needed changes and reconfigurations to the meaning of justice, accountability, migration, exile, and diaspora.

Moderators: Maria Hartmann & Mina Ibrahim

Language: English

This event ist part of the "Forum on Activism and Research" organized by the MeDiMi Research Associates / GGS Working Group MeDiMi in cooperation with the MENA Prison Forum and the Center for Conflict Studies Marburg.